The account fees at your credit union are typically fewer and less costly than bank fees. Credit union fees are imposed primarily to lower associated costs.

More Information on Fees:

Fees effective 02/01/2023

Fee TypeFee Amount
Account history computer printout or copy of statement$5.00 per month
Check Cashing (waived with active Checking, MMA, Certificate, Youth Account Holders, Loan in good standing or at least 25% of the check on deposit)$5.00 per item
Inactive account (no activity for 18 months,excluding under age 18)$5.00 per month
Excessive account number reassignment$25.00 per occurrence
Excessive Withdrawal from Savings/MMA Accounts (after 6 allowed per month)$3.00 per item
Research on account (minimum 1 hour)$30.00 per hour
Invalid Address Fee (resulting in Returned Statement)$5.00 per statement
Return deposit item$27.00 per item
Wire transfer-out (Domestic)$15.00 per item*
Wire transfer-out (International)$33.00 per item*
Reject Wire Transfer$25.00 per item
Credit Union check withdrawal payable to a third party$3.00 per item*
Credit Union Official Check Stop Payment$30.00 per item
Visa Gift Card$3.00 per item**
Reloadable VISA Card$9.95 per item
Money Order$3.00 per item*
Notary Fee (non-member)$5.00 per item
Fax Fee (member)$0.50 per page
Fax Fee (non-member)$1.00 per page
Plastic Card Delivery Rush Fee$40.00 per item
Share/Savings Account balance below $5.00 par value for six monthsbalance absorbed as fee
Christmas Club —early withdrawal penalty$10.00 and close club account until next year
Tax Levy/Garnishments$50.00 per item

Fees are *waived or **discounted for Prestige Account Holders.

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