Enrollment Help for Online Banking Services

My Connection – Online Branch

All of our additional online services require that you first enroll in Online Banking.

Check out a Demo of My Connection – Online Branch.


  1. Click on the “Enroll” button.
  2. Enter your member (account) number and PIN. Your PIN is the last 4 digits of the primary member’s social security number. NOTE: If you also use TAPS Audio Response and have changed your Audio PIN from its default PIN setting, that PIN is what you would use as the Security Code.
  3. Click on and read “Terms and Conditions”. Check the box next to “Terms and Conditions” and click “Continue”.
  4. Choose a User ID. User ID must be between 6 – 32 characters and may contain letters, numbers and special characters. (! # $ @ % + ? )
  5. Choose a Password. Password must be between 8 – 32 characters, must have both upper and lower case letter, at least one number and at least one special character. ( ! # $ @ % + ? )
  6. Confirm  Password.
  7. Enter valid email address. (For lost/forgotten passwords)
  8. Click “Enroll” at bottom of the page.
  9. You’ll see that changes to login information were successful. New login ID displayed. Print page to keep for personal records. To proceed to login, click link. (Sign in with new login information)


  1. First-time login after enrollment- You’ll be asked to set up your Phone Identity Verification. You can choose to use a phone number that displays or enter another phone.  You will want to be at the phone you select as the system will call or text at the initial set up.  In Settings, you can set up multiple phones to provide a convenient selection of a variety of phones that you may be near, i.e. Home, Work, Cell.  Save then Verify once you get your code.
  2. Set of your 5 security questions. Pick a question from drop down box. Enter answer in space provided. Click “Ok” when you are satisfied with question/answer combinations.
  3. Questions and answers saved. Click “Ok” to Continue.
  4. When you use an unfamiliar computer, the reset password link or attempt to make changes to your sensitive profile information, will have you verify your identity by answering the security questions.


  1. Click the link “Forgot Security Code?” underneath the User Logon option.
  2. Type in User ID in space provided. Click “Ok”.
  3. You will be presented with a Select Notification Method screen for the Phone Identity Verification.
  4. OR if you are set for Security Question Verification, you will be prompted to answer THREE of your security questions.
  5. Once successful in entering your code or completing your answers, you will be able to immediately set up a new password. You cannot use previously used passwords.  If you get an error, you may need to start over and select a completely different password.

Pay Connection Bill Pay

  1. Note: You must have a checking account to use Bill Pay
  2. Once in you’re My Connection – Online Branch account, click the “Pay Bills” tab
  3. You will be presented with the “Terms and Conditions”. Read and once completed click the “Agree” button .
  4. You will now be prompted to set up your bills, for ease of set up, have your current paper bills with you as you will need information such as account numbers and remittance addresses.
  5. Once in Bill Pay you see the menu up top, click Help Center for complete details to assist you using Bill Pay

Mobile Money – Mobile Banking

  1. Must have My Connection – Online Branch and must have your User ID, Password and Security Questions set up on the full site prior to using Mobile Banking.
  2. You can download the Connects FCU app to your smartphone from the Apple App Store or the Android Google Play Store.When you download the Connects FCU app onto your smartphone, your first time use will require that you enter your online banking USER ID, answer one of your online banking security questions and enter your online banking PASSWORD.


  1. Must have My Connection- Online Branch
  2. You’ll Find eStatements by clicking on your Savings or Checking accounts. The Online Statements link is located on the right side with the other links.
  3. Click on eStatements and the eStatement Usage Agreement will display, if it does not display, you most likely need to turn off your “pop-up blockers”
  4. Read the agreement and once you finish and have scrolled to the bottom, you will see the ACCEPT button. Simply accept and you will receive eStatements starting with the next statement produced for your accounts
  5. If you are connected to joint member accounts, once you click on eStatements, you will see links to those accounts and you select the account you need to enroll

Online External Transfers

Must have My Connection – Online Branch

Transfer funds between your Connects accounts and accounts that you own at other financial institutions.

External Account Transfer: Simply select the Transfers tab, and select External Account Transfers on the right side.

Once selected, an instruction window will pop up, read and click continue. The External Transfer Window will open and you should see that you will need to Validate your email address to begin the set up of the service.

Once you have Validated your email, you can begin to set up your External accounts.  Your Connects accounts are already available.

Some accounts can be set up with Instant Verification. The system will connect you to your institutions Online Banking site and ask you to “Sign In” . Once signed in, your External accounts will be instantly validated. Other institutions will require Trial Deposits, you will see the instructions to complete that process.

PopMoney – Person to Person: The PopMoney Agreement is included in the agreement when you enroll in Bill Pay. Click Pay People from the top menu bar or you can use through Bill Pay. Once you activate Pop Money, you will be asked to Validate your email address. All the details about using PopMoney is provided on the right side menu.

For questions or issues with Online banking Services, contact us at 804-427-5185  Mon – Thurs 9 am – 5 pm;  Fri 9 am -6 pm; Sat 9 am – 12 pm or email onlinebranch@connectsfcu.org

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NOTE: This email is for general inquires only. Electronic mail is not secure, and confidential information (such as social security number, account number, etc.) should not be communicated in this manner.